The big Five-Oh! I am honestly surprised this series has lasted so long. Many comedy series tend to turn stale after a couple years, though I’ve enjoyed this one almost the entire time (there have been some less than stellar chapters). I wasn’t expecting to release this one so quick, but the typesetter and translation checker both finished up so quick!

Here’s to like, 22 more chapters (because I don’t want to keep doing this my entire life ;) )!

Oh yeah, we’re all caught up to the webraws now, so no new chapter until the end of March or beginning of April.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! - Work 50

Some chapter notes: (some minor spoilers for the chapter, of course)
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Sorry this one is so late.

For those wondering about “chapter 42,” apparently what happened was the chapter numbering got changed in the transition from magazine to book (and a chapter got inserted, somehow). I think they then changed the magazine numbering to match the book numbering.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! - Work 44

Scrap yesterday’s release. That was messy with poor numbering and missing pages. I’ve even removed its existence from the projects page.

If you remember way back when volume 6 was released, I did a mass renumbering of chapters to reflect the proper chapter numbers used in the book. Well… I’m doing it for volume 7 now. If you archive or aggregate our releases for any reason, remove everything you currently have of c36 and onwards.

  • Chapter 36 below (Tsuki_Tsuki_036v2_[MudaScans].zip) replaces our old 36-38.
  • Chapter 37 below (Tsuki_Tsuki_037v2_[MudaScans].zip) replaces our old 39-41.

Our next release will be Chapter 38 which contains yesterday’s 42-43 material plus ~20 more pages (why I’m not releasing it now) and will be redone using volume 7 raws. This will also include the missing pages I mentioned yesterday.

Tsuki Tsuki! - Chapter 36: Words Unsaid #2

Tsuki Tsuki! - Chapter 37: Words Unsaid #3