Okay… This might confuse the hell out of some people, but I assure you these are new chapters.
So basically, the chapter numbering in volume 6 was changed from the original magazine releases (what we used). The short chapters were merged together in the volume, so two magazine chapters became one volume chapter. This happened twice: in c28+29 and c35+36.

So what Simple released as c28 and c29 became ‘just c28′. Leaving chapters Simple’s c30-34 to be chapter 29-33 in the volume. Same happened with Simple’s c35, which became half of c34, and we have the other half of 34 out today. I’ll do a volume 6 release with the ‘fixed’ numbering in the coming days, but I just wanted these two chapters out.

Here it is in a not-so-easy-to-understand table:

Old New
28 28a
29 28b
30 29
31 30
32 31
33 32
34 33
35 34a
36 34b

Tsuki Tsuki! - Chapter 34.2: I want you to notice me... see me... #3

Tsuki Tsuki! - Chapter 34.9: Bonus - At the End of the First Day

Previous chapters have also been added to the Projects section.

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