Scrap yesterday’s release. That was messy with poor numbering and missing pages. I’ve even removed its existence from the projects page.

If you remember way back when volume 6 was released, I did a mass renumbering of chapters to reflect the proper chapter numbers used in the book. Well… I’m doing it for volume 7 now. If you archive or aggregate our releases for any reason, remove everything you currently have of c36 and onwards.

  • Chapter 36 below (Tsuki_Tsuki_036v2_[MudaScans].zip) replaces our old 36-38.
  • Chapter 37 below (Tsuki_Tsuki_037v2_[MudaScans].zip) replaces our old 39-41.

Our next release will be Chapter 38 which contains yesterday’s 42-43 material plus ~20 more pages (why I’m not releasing it now) and will be redone using volume 7 raws. This will also include the missing pages I mentioned yesterday.

Tsuki Tsuki! - Chapter 36: Words Unsaid #2

Tsuki Tsuki! - Chapter 37: Words Unsaid #3

10 thoughts on “Tsuki Tsuki 36-37 again – Because numbering ain’t easy

    • Just know that you’ve read up to chapter 37 (assuming you’re up to date with this release). Disregard the previous releases.

  1. Question, is it true that 43 is the last chapter? Because I find it hard to believe when it leaves in such a big cliff hanger.


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