It’s been a while since we released Koetama (169 days!), but we’ve done nine chapters to make up for it (plus the three we released before). All nicely packed into two, easy to download files. This counts as our Christmas/New Years release, even if we are a day late.

We should get a new chapter of Konobi to work on soon, and then it’s on to the last volume of Koetama.

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A new oneshot from writer NisiOisiN (Bakemonogatari) and artist Ikeda Akihisa (Rosario+Vampire). We did it for Ikeda~ Kind of a strange story, and I don’t really see it getting serialized.

inb4 dog people show up and talk about how it’s so much better to kill people than dogs. (white text for spoilers)

Nani made nara Koroseru? - Oneshot: How far can you kill?

Here we go, the last of Saito-kun! We went back and re-edited volume 1 (chapters 1-6) with book scans instead of the magazine scans. We also have the last two chapters, and what a twist!

I’ve also made batch downloads for each volume, for those of you that don’t want to download 26+ individual files.

Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii - Volume 04 Chapter 25: Normal Saito-kun and the Mysterious Paranormal Girl

Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii - Volume 04 Chapter 26: Farewell, Spoon Boy

Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii - Volume 01: c01-06

Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii - Volume 02: c07-12

Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii - Volume 03: c13-18

Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii - Volume 04: c19-26

The conclusion to the little “Imari Introduction Arc.” It’s gonna be good.

In other news, we have to put Hokenshitsu no Shinigami and Koetama on hold for now because we do not have a translator for either project. If you speak Japanese and want to help up translate these (or if you know someone that speaks Japanese and would be willing to help) please email either abcd9146 or Qasz.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! - Work 22