Hopefully I’m finally done with these archives. Sif had unwatermarked versions of chapter 6 and 7 archived, so I’ve added them to the batches. He grabbed them off Crazy’s but I guess the original uploader grabbed these off Simple-Scans’ online reader (back when the chapters were still available).
Anyone who wants them will have to download the volume again lol

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Wow, originally I was planning to get this out for Christmas. But delays and stuff happens, I’ve even had this done for a few days now. Oh well…
Massive thank you to megamanaxle and Kuro for their hard work on the colour pages!

I think I’ve explained enough about the chapter numbering, so here’s chapter 35. 36 should be out too, hopefully raws won’t take too long.

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It’s been a while since we released Koetama (169 days!), but we’ve done nine chapters to make up for it (plus the three we released before). All nicely packed into two, easy to download files. This counts as our Christmas/New Years release, even if we are a day late.

We should get a new chapter of Konobi to work on soon, and then it’s on to the last volume of Koetama.

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I use the term “volume 6″ loosely as these aren’t scans from the volume.
There’s nothing new here, this post is mainly for the people who archive releases for whatever reason. Or for aggregators who care (i.e. none).
Anyway, I’ve fixed the stupid numbering and reuploaded everything. I didn’t just rename the files, all the numbers should be updated now. So for those who are still here, delete all of Simple’s releases for chapter 28 onwards, and replace with these. I also did some minute changes to yesterday’s two releases of Tsuki, so download them again if needed.

Links after the break.

edit: Volumes 2 and 3 have been updated with version 2 archives. Previously watermarked releases have been replaced with watermark free versions. Including chapters: 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13. 6 and 7 are still marked, but I don’t have the backups to remove the watermark.
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Okay… This might confuse the hell out of some people, but I assure you these are new chapters.
So basically, the chapter numbering in volume 6 was changed from the original magazine releases (what we used). The short chapters were merged together in the volume, so two magazine chapters became one volume chapter. This happened twice: in c28+29 and c35+36.

So what Simple released as c28 and c29 became ‘just c28′. Leaving chapters Simple’s c30-34 to be chapter 29-33 in the volume. Same happened with Simple’s c35, which became half of c34, and we have the other half of 34 out today. I’ll do a volume 6 release with the ‘fixed’ numbering in the coming days, but I just wanted these two chapters out.

Here it is in a not-so-easy-to-understand table:

Old New
28 28a
29 28b
30 29
31 30
32 31
33 32
34 33
35 34a
36 34b

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