It’s been nearly a year since our last release of HnS! The reason we did the volume 9 extras is because they were originally published as chapter 65 in Weekly Shounen Jump and the translator is going by the magazine numbering. However, we are going by the book numbering, hence the out-of-order-ness.

Hokenshitsu no Shinigami - Volume 08 Chapter 65: Assault! Tokofushi Town

Hokenshitsu no Shinigami - Volume 09 Special 2: A Trip to get New Year's Gifts in Tokofushi Town

New series! We’ve been trying to pick this one up since early/mid-summer. Delays in getting the raws really put us back, it’s nearly November! We’re jumping right into volume 2 because volume 1 is already translated.

We aren’t going to host volume 1 on our Mediafire (since we don’t want it to get deleted), but you can find it on the IRC bot or in torrent form. There are a few typos and goofy lines (“Speak proper English.” comes to mind), but other than that, the translation is solid.

The editing is also a bit bland, so we may do something about that in the future. :)